Coaching for Healthcare Professionals

Skilled trainer with expertise in anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction

Training. Supervision.

Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg is a skilled trainer with expertise in anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction. Whether you are looking for a training or whether you would like supervision for a group via Skype or audio conferencing, Margaret can contribute. She has 40 + years of clinical experience with every age group and 25 years of speaking experience. She is an internationally recognized expert in the field of anxiety and depression, noted for her pragmatic, skill-focused trainings. Her vibrant and engaging teaching style has consistently earned her the highest ratings from seminar participants.


Take some time to consult with Margaret and discover how anxiety coaching can free you up to live a more joyful, free and successful life.

“Dr. Wehrenberg has conducted seminars for the AATP for over 20 years and is, without reservation, our finest trainer. Her seminars are comprehensive, content-rich, current and always relevant, but it’s her delivery that is as impressive. Her intelligence is laced with humor; her clinical experience interwoven with supportive research and theory; her case examples honed to demonstrate key points, and her warmth radiates making each session personable and personal. She’s the best, as our evaluations consistently show.”

Janis Gomien – President – Academy of Addiction Treatment Professionals, Springfield, IL