Coaching for Executives & HealthCare Professionals

Professional Anxiety Can be Mitigated

What is Coaching for Anxiety?

Many professionals do not need to enter psychotherapy to handle the anxiety that may plague their professional performance. Coaching focuses on the specific aspects of anxiety that are troublesome, such as fear of flying or speaking in front of groups. Dr. Wehrenberg can help you quickly develop the skills to be calm, competent and confident to manage any situation. You probably do not have a schedule that allows you to meet in a therapy office, but you would relish the opportunity to feel more at ease with colleagues, to get rid of worry that robs you of joy or to improve confidence in front of groups. Ask her about whether this is a good path for you.

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Coaching for Executives

Would you relish the opportunity to feel more at ease with colleagues? Would you like to get rid of the worry that robs you of joy? Read more to find out if Coach Margaret can help.

Coaching for Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg is a skilled trainer with expertise in anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction. Read more to find out if
Coach Margaret can help.

“Dr. Wehrenberg’s workshops on anxiety and depression provide an excellent blend of theory, practical techniques and time-tested strategies while also demonstrating through her presentation style a warm and highly effective therapeutic presence. Backed by solid research, her interventions are often deceptively simple but go far, far beyond a superficial band aid approach and promise to establish the conditions for long-term behavioural change.”

Michael Kerman – Founder and President of Leading Edge Seminars Inc. – Toronto, ON, Canada

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