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Overcome fears and power through deadlines

Professional Anxiety Can be Mitigated

Are you a professional wondering if you could do more if you were freed from worry and anxiety?

  • Panic can stop you from traveling
  • Panic can cause intense discomfort in front of colleagues and customers
  • Worry about how you are performing can create hesitancy and awkwardness with accounts, peers, and in typical social situations
  • Anxiety can interfere with effectively presenting information
  • Worry can preoccupy attention, ruin leisure time, and rob you of joy
  • Worry can prevent effective problem solving, costing time, effort, and even money
  • Anxiety may prevent you from pursuing goals that require you to put yourself forward with managers, colleagues, and customers.

Many professionals feel held back from fulfilling their potential by worry and anxiety. Dr. Wehrenberg will show you how to effectively manage your anxiety whether you are a worrier, whether panic interferes with your life or whether you worry about being judged negatively for your appearance and performance.


Take some time to consult with Margaret and discover how anxiety coaching can free you up to live a more joyful, free and successful life.

“Margaret is hands down one of the best seminar leaders I have worked with. She has trained thousands across the United States to rave reviews. Margaret’s seminars are clinically relevant, well researched and practical, providing solutions, strategies and interventions for even the most challenging client.”

Michael Olson – Vice President of Sales and Marketing – PESI