This link offers an audio version of a course entitled The Ten  Best Ever Anxiety Management Techniques.

Cambridge Medical Alliance and Harvard Medical School of Psychiatry

Dr. Wehrenberg can be heard on a podcast regarding help for anxiety.  It is produced by Dr. Mike Kuna, a psychiatrist with Genesis Clinical Services, and psychiatric educator, who produces podcasts  about psychiatric issues. Check it out. Hear Dr. Wehrenberg on Podcast number 47 at:

Order The Anxious Brain for classroom use, for bookstore sales or for individual use at View it at:

Dr. Wehrenberg works in Missouri with the staff at Stress Solutions and the Anxious Brain can also be ordered with credit card on their website.

Dr. Wehrenberg works with Dr. Timothy Wahlberg on the research project they conduct and they have founded the not-for-profit organization for research and training for Reflex Delay Syndrome. See the latest about RDS on

In addition to magazine articles Dr.Wehrenberg has recorded audio courses, and teaches telecourses via

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