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Irene celebrated her 91st birthday today. How do I know? She was at Jazzercise at 8:15 a.m., as she is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Irene was wearing a t-shirt that said “Inside every old person is a younger person wondering what the hell happened.” She got on stage with the instructor and began to… Read the Rest »

If at first you don’t succeed…

If at first you don’t succeed – use your depression to your advantage I am certain that my biggest mistakes in life and the ones that cost me the most were the outcome of trying to make something work out despite the evidence that no amount of effort would make it work out. I would… Read the Rest »


Margaret’s exciting new option for managing the symptoms of anxiety and depression is now available. Working together with Candeo Behavior Change as the Director of Curriculum Development, she has created  a site where you can be guided through the steps to feel relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression. Check out this extremely affordable, step by… Read the Rest »

Depression Dis-Courages: The Inner Voice of Self-Criticism Keeps You Locked in Negativity

“Oh, you are so stupid!” “Can’t you ever just keep your mouth shut?” “Well, sure, your drawing is okay, but you are no Picasso!” “You will never be good enough to play your (flute, guitar, piano, violin….) in public.” “Don’t brag. No one wants to hear you talk about yourself.” Are these phrases like the… Read the Rest »

The One-Two Punch of Negativity and Fear: Why What You Believe Determines What You Feel and How to Change It

Leigh was a wreck. She had googled her symptoms and came up with a diagnosis over the internet. Her memory problems had to be early onset Alzheimer’s. And she immediately became frantic with fear. The diagnosis meant a future in which she was increasingly crazy, losing the love of family and friends, and ending up… Read the Rest »